[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/][size=200]FRAME FASHION WEEK 2017[/size][/url]


Created to highlight the enduring relationship between fashion and  the eyewear market, FRAME FASHION WEEK has launched and is set to  revitalise the optical trade show landscape. 

 Taking place over  ten days, from July 1st - 10th, 2017, across multiple Sydney locations  and falling within the timing of the major industry fair, [url=https://www.facebook.com/ODMAAustralia/?fref=mentions]ODMA[/url] 2017, FRAME FASHION WEEK is proving to be a significant highlight and one that industry has been quick to support. 

[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/framing-the-midface-facial-beauty][size=150]Framing the Midface: Concepts of Facial beauty[/size][/url]

A discussion by renowned surgeon Dr. Niro Sivathasan

Dr. Niro Sivathasan, BSc (Hons), MB, BS (Lond), DRCOG, GradDipAesthMed (UK), PGCert BA, MRCS (Eng), AFACP, FCPCA. 
Board Certified (AAAM) in Aesthetic Medicine.
Internationally licensed aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Niro shall provide insight into concepts of aging and beauty, and why interventions aimed at addressing the midface, which is where spectacles also sit, provide the best ‘bang per buck’ with regard to non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


Date: July 4th
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Macleay Optics,107 Macleay Street,  Potts Point, 2011

Hosted by: [url=https://www.macleayoptics.com.au/]Macleay Optics[/url] and [url=http://www.amarante.com.au/index.php]amarāntè Skincare [/url]

Registration is free. To attend email:  john@eussen.com.au

[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/design-junction][size=150]Design Junction[/size][/url]

Introducing Design Junction to ODMA2017…

The Design Junction is a showcase of premium high end international & Australian eyewear brands. Participating Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their design capabilities and the very latest in optical fashion and innovation.

Brands set to participate include:

Tom Ford
Ermenegildo Zegna
Mont Blanc
Roberto Cavalli
Frost Eyewear
Jono Hennessy
Carter Bond
Kaleos Eyehunters
Simple Eyewear
Volte Face
Nine Eyewear
Christian Lacroix
Traction Productions
Sabine be
Paul & Joe
Little Paul & Joe
Kate Sylvester
Homme by Lisa Ho
Lisa by Lisa Ho
Jac + Jack
Freddie Wood
MUST by Grafix
Coco Song
Neubau Eyewear
J.F.Rey Petite
J.F.Rey Kids and Teens
House of Asha Zomer Eyewear (aka (h)AZE)
Rodd & Gunn Eyewear
Frency & Mercury
Eyevan 7285
Scanlan Theodore
Talex - Japan
Adidas Originals Italia Independent
Sun Buddies

The Design Junction is a major feature of ODMA2017 and a key event platform for Frame Fashion Week 2017.

[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/design-junction/register-to-vist][size=125] [/size][/url]
[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/vision-summit---7-july--trade-only-][size=150]Vision Summit [/size][/url]

[b]7 July (Trade Only)[/b][b]

[b]Vision Summit[/b] will take place on [b]Friday 7 July 2017 [/b]and will see the most exciting line up of acclaimed international speakers in ODMA Fair Conference history.  

Headline speakers include Rolando Toyos from the USA, developer of Intense Pulsed Light for dry eye disease and Professor Minas Coroneo who introduced trypan blue (VisionBlue) as an ocular dye and is developing next generation intraocular lenses and glaucoma shunts (CyPass) as well as a bioniceye.


 Other speakers, all world leaders in their field include Professor Peter McCluskey Director of the Save Sight Institute at Sydney Eye Hospital and expert on inflammatory eye disease and Professor Fiona Stapleton whose research areas include the epidemiology of lens-related disease, ocular microbiology, bacterial resistance, contact lens care systems, and ocular defence mechanisms .

Vision Summit is designed to deliver the latest developments in eyecare with a focus on quality, with 24 CPD points available for optometrists (all therapeutic). 

[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/dare-to-be-different--9-july-][size=150]Dare To Be Different[/size][/url]

[b]Creating Opportunities With Bespoke Eyewear - 9 July (Trade Only)[/b]

[b]Elaine Grisdale, [i]Association of British Dispensing Opticians[/i][/b]

Elaine Grisdale FBDO FAAO qualified as a dispensing optician in 1985 before spending 12 years working in France as the International Professional Relations Manager for Opticianry & Optometry for the world’s leading ophthalmic lens manufacturer, Essilor International. In 1998 she was instrumental in creating Varilux University, the first international training centre dedicated to presbyopia and the ageing eye.

Since 2007 Elaine has been Head of Professional Services and International Development for the Association of British Dispensing Opticians helping to develop professional standards around the world.

A Liveryman with the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers, a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometrists, and a member of the Silmo Academy Scientific Committee in Paris, Elaine is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the European Academy for Optometry and Optics and the Director of Development of the International Opticians’ Association.
[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/frame-fashion-week-runway][size=150]Frame Fashion Week Runway[/size][/url]

[b]Tuesday 4 July - Martin Place

[b]DATE: Tuesday 4 July 2017
TIME: 12pm & 1.30pm
WHERE: Martin Place, Sydney[/b]

On Tuesday 4 July, Touring Enterprises will present [i]Frame Fashion Week Runway[/i] to the public. Offering consumers a preview showcase of the latest designs from the top designers before they hit stores. Frame Fashion Week provides  an unique opportunity to be front row to experience the Runway first hand.  Take in all the action at  Martin Place Sydney.


Brands on the Runway include:
[list][*][url=http://www.tigervision.com.au/#nicolafinetti]Nicola Finetti[/url][/*][*][url=http://www.tigervision.com.au/#waynecooper]Wayne Cooper[/url][/*][*][url=http://mymgroup.com.au/von-arkel/]Von Arkel[/url][/*][*][url=http://mymgroup.com.au/vuarnet/]Vuarnet[/url][/*][*][url=http://mymgroup.com.au/wunderkind/]Wunderkind[/url][/*][*][url=http://www.seen2see.com.au/#jinnnn]Jinnnn[/url][/*][*][url=http://www.boloneyewear.com/]Bolon[/url][/*][*][url=http://www.mimo.com.au/coco-song/]Coco Song[/url][/*][*][url=http://www.mimo.com.au/neubau/]Neubau Eyewear[/url][/*][*][url=http://www.mimo.com.au/silhouette/]Silhouette 

Special thanks to the fashion suppliers for the apparel that will also adorn the Runway

[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/trend-presentation-by-next-inspirations][size=150]TREND PRESENTATION BY NEXT INSPIRATIONS [/size][/url]

[b]9 July (Trade and Public)

[b]Next Inspirations will inspire you with Colour Trends for SS18[/b]

                           John Eussen  - Eussen Lifestyle  MC / Presenter / Consultant
Sharon Rae – Trend Agent / Pantone Colour Consultant

With more than 60 years’ experience between these 2 knowledgeable and talented people in looking and interpreting international trends in fashion and lifestyle, from trade exhibitions, retail and more.

Piere Cardin 1971


To be inspired is the process of being emotionally stimulated to prompt, experience, or sense something that moves, influences and encourages you, that spurs you on and lifts you up

[b]Next Inspirations will present key colour statements for SS18[/b]


In Greek and Roman mythology muse referred to the nine goddesses who presided over the arts and sciences, two areas that are today developing hand in hand at an incredible pace. It is history that has resulted in the meaning of muse being the source of inspiration for a creative artist………….

[b]DATE[/b]              July 9th
[b]TIME [/b]9.30am - 10.30am
[b]VENUE [/b]          International Convention Centre: Room Meeting Room E5.5
[b]TICKET PRICE [/b]  $55 +booking fee
[b][i]Bookings now open at : [url=https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/inspiring-and-expressing-color-trends-for-ss18-registration-34784665872]www.eventbrite.com.au[/url][/i][/b]
[url=http://www.framefashionweek.com.au/program-details/through-the-looking-glass-medicine-][size=150]Through the Looking Glass: Medicine and Fashion in Eyewear Design [/size][/url]

[b]Thursday 6 July 2017[/b]


Eyeglasses have become an integral part of our lives, purchased at the local mall or at a fashion accessory shop. Yet, strangely enough we tend to forget that this innovative contraption, perhaps the first wearable technology is in fact a medical device. In our lecture, we will discuss the historic journey eyeglasses have made through the ages and the impact designers had on this material evolution. 

[b]Presenters: [/b]

[b]Jonathan Ventura[/b], PhD, is a visiting research fellow at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA, London. He is a senior lecturer in the Department of Inclusive Design at Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem; in the Design Graduate Program at Shenkar Academy of Engineering and Design; and in the Department of Architecture and the Program for Urban Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. His book [i]Objects: Industrial Design in Israel[/i] was published in 2014. His book [i]Alternative Perspectives of Design: From Lucy to Bernini[/i], in collaboration with Prof. Kenneth Segal, was published in 2016. He specializes in applied anthropology, medical and social design, design anthropology, material and visual culture, design research methodologies and theories.

[b]Galit Shvo[/b], a designer and lecturer on design, researches, develops, and designs independent projects on the axis between the industrial world and the academic world. Over the past decade she has focused on the theoretical, cultural, and ideological aspects of design. She is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (2003), and a graduate (with honors) of the Graduate Program in Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2007). Galit has published several articles dealing with various theoretical attributes of design. 

[b]DATE: Thursday 6 July 2017
TIME: 4pm

[b]Here is the recording of the webinar for you to enjoy  -[url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwHfXvdGg09aV2dodGg2emRXRms/view?usp=sharing] Click here  [/url]- WARNING - Large file 100MB

And a copy of the paper [url=https://www.academia.edu/30047923/Eyeglasses_between_Design_and_Healthcare]for download [/url]